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Business Breaks is a podcast that explores topics of interest for those professionals seeking answers to business and personal transformation challenges, covering: business and finance, people and careers, digital and data.


We aim to further enrich the topics of discussion as the platform evolves. Please help us by providing your feedback.

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Dante Healy


1. Fireside Chats

I'm Dante Healy and together with my close friend and fellow Digital Finance Transformation expert John Byrne we discuss a variety of topics that are of interest to us, sharing our personal experience and opinions to go deep on a broad range of topics.

We create conversations framed around today's business challenges and how it's affecting your business and career. Our topics range from the deep experiences we have in digital transformation to share our insights with our growing number of podcast listeners.

We cover the future, present and past of the business landscape to give context to this ever-changing topic.

John Byrne


2. Expert Guest Interviews

Stay tuned as we work to interview more expert guests on the show. If you are interested please feel free to apply via the button below.

In the meantime please enjoy the first ever special guest episode with Dante's close friend and digital transformation mentor David Ketchen.

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Dante Transformation Talks

3. Dante's Transformation Talks

Dante talks about various aspects of Digital Transformation based on his own personal background and experiences with Finance Projects.

In the meantime please feel free to visit my personal blog site for a more personal insights on digital finance transformation and financial agility.

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